Amsterdam Burlesque Award Festival

the jury members of the Amsterdam Burlesque Award 2016:

Jack Wodhead - jurymember Amsterdam Burlesque Award 2016: Jack Woodhead is trained as a classical pianist and combines his virtuosic piano skills with singing, comedy and haute couture style!
This unique mixture brought him to theatres and venues all around the world. Woodhead also works as a composer and lyricist
performing his own songs around the globe. Laura Lucardie -  jurymember Amsterdam Burlesque Award 2016: Before she started her career as professional showgirl in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Paris, Monte-Carlo, Tokyo, Dakar etc. (1983-1987), she did classical ballet and modern jazz dance training. In the late 70s, Laura was part of the famous dance group Dance Explosion of Helen LeClerq in the Netherlands and was connected to the international Arian Moonchild Company. Later on she had her own burlesque-act and performed it in vaudeville-shows, burlesque theaters, nightclubs, etc through whole Europe and the US. Her breakthrough as showgirl was 1983 in Atlantic City, in a showrevue around Frank Sinatra. After her dancing career, Laura was getting a singing education in Paris (1987-1993). She was performing in jazzclubs en – restaurants like the Hollywood Savoy together with prominent vaudeville entertainers as Stacey MacAdams, Greg Hunter and Eddie Goldstein. In 1991 Laura had a role in the musical Cats in the Mogador theater in Paris. El Tigre Blanco -  jurymember Amsterdam Burlesque Award 2016: artist booker and frontman of the band Tigre Blanco,  Acoustic, cinematic rockmusic with a raw twist


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